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Day 4 – Extreme Weight Loss | Veg Keto Plan with Intermittent Fasting | Weight Loss Tips in Tamil

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Today’s video is about a diet chart that you can follow for rapid weight loss. It is a ketogenic and vegetarian diet plan. Along with intermittent fasting, it will give you amazing results.

Keto Beef Chow Mein – keto recipes – ketogenic diet – low carb – keto diet – intermittent fasting

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This Delicious Keto Beef Chow Mein really impressed me how delicious and tender it came out. I love Chow Mein so much but definitely do not love the fact that it is not low carb. I am always looking for ways to modify my favorite foods into healthier diet friendly versions of themselves as you guys all know. I went to look in my fridge and there it was, zucchini noodles and unfrozen piece of fresh grass fed beef. A match made in heaven for my recipe. Although I am intermittent fasting currently I still try to have ketones as my primary fuel source most of the time and try to keep most of my meals very low carb.
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Loose 8-10 kgs in 1 month||complete ketogenic + intermittent diet plan||Ashtrixx

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OZiva Protein & Herbs –

Hey all! Here’s a double dhamaka video for all of you looking for an advanced diet. It’s a keto diet followed by the intermittent fasting schedule. Though the diet is for everyone, there’s a special breakfast that I’m recommending for the ladies. Check it out!

Complete meal options -:
(Choose for breakfast/lunch/dinner)

Breakfast-: Oziva protein and herbs

Curryโ€™s -:
-Paneer burjee
-Any Paneer curry
-Soya kheema with peas
-Soya (mealmaker) curry
-Mix veg curry (no potatoes/sweet potatoes/beet)
-Mix veg curry in coconut milk
-Cauliflower/Broccoli curry
-Chicken curry

Have it with -:
-Cauliflower rice (grind Cauliflower and boil lightly)
-Quinoa (not more than 1/2 cup)
-Soya flour chapati (soy is known to have same digestibilty as animal sources of protein so yes itโ€™s allowed)
-Cheese/cauliflower/cabbage/paneer paratha (soya flour)

Snacks –
-Paneer/cheese/chicken/fish pakoda or fry
-Peanut/Almond butter with veggie sticks
-Cauliflower upma
-Roasted chana
-Berry smoothie
-cucumber/tomato/cheese salad
-Greek yogurt
-Dry fruits

-Tea/Coffee without sugar/Green tea/Bullet coffee

-Use healthy oils like olive/coconut/sesame


-No baked stuff
-No pasta
-No grains
-No starchy veggies
-No soda/juice/sweet teas/sport drinks
-No rajma/Chole/Black beans etc
-No sugary fruits
-No sauces/artificial preservatives/sweetners
-No processed meats or packaged foods

All the best Champions โค๏ธ

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Intermittent Fasting and the Keto Diet

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Thomas DeLauer – celebrity health and fitness coach -helps you understand the relationship between ketosis and fasting, and how to get more out of your ketogenic diet.

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Wellness physician Dr. Josh Axe explains the difference between the regular keto and dirty keto diets. Then, Dr. Oz addresses concerns about some of the unhealthy foods that can be consumed on the dirty keto diet.
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