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Here’s my Keto meal plan explained for you to easily understand. I’m basing this off my month 1 and month 2 weight loss results. I found it very important to stick to the plan and if that meant eating the same foods a lot so be it! It saves me time, money and makes it super easy for keto meal prep.

I reinvented the menu items of what I eat in a day so it seemed like it wasn’t the same foods over and over again. However, being in weight loss mode meant I needed to keep it simple and eat the same foods.

Swerve Sweetener
Monk Fruit
Liquid Stevia

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Ketogenic Diet Explained | Expert Panel | The Podcast | Ep 14 & 15

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Steve Hertzler, PhD, and athlete Jason Wittrock sit down to answer your questions on ketogenic dieting.
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Not that long ago, saying the word “ketosis” in conversation was only going to get you puzzled stares, or at most, some confusion with ketoacidosis, a potentially fatal condition for certain diabetics. But keto’s days of obscurity are definitely numbered, as high-fat, extremely low-carb diets have become hot topic for discussion in both medical and athletic settings. EAS even has a ketogenic meal-replacement product available.

Still, there’s no escaping that the ketogenic approach goes against everything many of us were taught constitutes “healthy” nutrition. Forget “low fat”; now it’s making up 75 percent of your calories! Afraid of sodium? Sorry, extra amounts are pretty much required, especially during the first few weeks. Even among low-carb diets, the ketogenic dieting stands out for its demand of a switch of mindset from “avoid carbs” to simply “get enough fat,” says EAS Myoplex Athlete and ketogenic diet adherent Jason Wittrock.

If you’ve found yourself curious about the immense claims for health, performance, and mental clarity that the keto-crowd make, then this forum is for you. Set aside an hour, get out the pork rinds, and listen to two experts explain in the ins and outs of nutritional ketosis for athletes!

1:09 What Is The Ketogenic Diet?
2:20 How Does The Ketogenic Diet Work?
3:10 What Are Ketones, And Why Are They Important?
6:40 Who Uses The Ketogenic Diet Aside From Athletes?
9:40 Where Do I Start, And What Are The Most Common Beginner Errors?
14:20 Is Tracking Macros Necessary?
15:50 What Can I Expect For The First Few Days?
21:56 Is Testing Necessary, And How Should I Do It?
24:30 How Should I Alter My Training During Keto-Induction?
28:50 How Is It Different When You’re Finally Keto-Adapted?
32:20 Can I Add Muscle On The Ketogenic Diet?
36:00 How Does Keto Work With Everyday Life?
43:20 What’s The Right And Wrong Way To Cycle Ketogenic Dieting?
48:10 What Is The Future Of Ketogenic Research?
54:45 Correct It?

| Steve Hertzler, PhD, RD |
• Phd, Human Nutrition, University of Minnesota-Twin Cities
• Chief Science Officer, EAS Sports Nutrition
• Registered dietitian, author on multiple peer-reviewed research articles and book chapters
• Member of the EAS Academy Advisory Panel
• Former faculty member at The Ohio State University, Division of Medical Dietetics

| Jason Wittrock |
• Personal Trainer
• EAS Myoplex Athlete
• Team spokesmodel
• Ketogenic diet adherent


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The DO's [and DON'Ts] of Alcohol On The Ketogenic Diet Explained

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The DO's [and DON'Ts] of Alcohol On The Ketogenic Diet Explained

“Can You Drink Alcohol On The Keto Diet?” is a question I get asked all the time!
YES, you can drink alcohol on a ketogenic diet – but there is a little bit more to it than that.

In this video I explain:

1. How alcohol affects us differently when we’re in ketosis
2. How alcohol affects ketosis
3. How alcohol affects weight loss while on a ketogenic diet
4. The best options for alcohol to drink on a keto diet

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Please note that this video is not promoting the consumption of alcohol. If you feel like you’re struggling with your alcohol consumption then please, please seek professional help!

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The content in this video is not intended as a substitute for the medical advice of a primary physician. Please regularly consult with your physician in matters relating to your health, particularly with respect to any symptoms that may require diagnosis or immediate medical attention. Due to the variance of individuals’ lifestyles and bodies, the methods elaborated on in this video are not guaranteed to produce your desired result; therefore, the author does not assume any liability to any party for any loss, damage, or disruption caused by the choice to implement any of the following health strategies.
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