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    • Keto Recipe: Mini Blueberry Cheesecake Bites | GRATEFUL

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      For a quick keto snack, bake these Keto Mini Cheesecakes.
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      When on the keto diet, it’s hard to enjoy desserts due to the numerous amounts of carbs and sugars. But with a few ingredient swaps you can have a keto safe dessert! Kay, owner of Kay’s Keto Kreations, walks us through the process of baking these delicious treats while giving a few tips of cooking keto.

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    • Day 4 – Extreme Weight Loss | Veg Keto Plan with Intermittent Fasting | Weight Loss Tips in Tamil

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      Today’s video is about a diet chart that you can follow for rapid weight loss. It is a ketogenic and vegetarian diet plan. Along with intermittent fasting, it will give you amazing results.


    • Keto Tuna Salad | The BEST Easy Low Carb Tuna Salad Recipe You Can Make

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      Keto Tuna Salad makes for an awesome low carb lunch idea. And today I’ll show you how to make the best tuna salad recipe for keto. It’s so easy, so creamy, so flavorful, and each cup has UNDER 2 GRAMS NET CARBS!

      My Cookbook: https://gumroad.com/l/bestketocookbook
      Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/thejoeduff

      Things I Used In Today’s Keto Tuna Salad Recipe:

      Dijon Mustard: https://amzn.to/2VV034C

      Food Scale: https://amzn.to/2Viib8l

      Mayo: https://amzn.to/2TEqXes

      Tuna In Water: https://amzn.to/2TUj30T

      Tuna In Oil: https://amzn.to/2VOqTvx

      Written Recipe: https://www.thedietchefs.com/keto-tuna-salad/
      Macros Per Serving (Recipe Makes 5 Cups/Servings):

      305 Calories
      26g Protein
      2g Carbs
      .5g Fiber
      1.5g NET CARBS
      22g Fat
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    • Chaffles | 3 KETO Chaffle Recipes You HAVE To Try

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      Chaffles have taken over keto kitchens across the world. And today I’m showing you how to make chaffles 3 different ways! A chaffle is basically a keto waffle made with egg and cheese, and it’s incredibly versatile. In today’s video I’ll show you how to make keto chaffle pizzas, chaffle grilled cheese sandwiches, chaffle BLT’s, chaffle waffles, and even chaffle ice cream sandwiches.

      My COOOKBOK: Gum.co/BestKetoCookbook

      Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/thejoeduff

      Full Recipe: https://www.thedietchefs.com/chaffles/


      Mini-Waffle Maker: https://amzn.to/34BTea9

      Food Scale: http://amzn.to/2stDBTb

      Almond Flour: https://amzn.to/2OGwOx8

      Keto Pizza Sauce: https://amzn.to/309Ow06

      Swerve: https://amzn.to/2NXRHFA

      Xanthan Gum: https://amzn.to/2ZfD9mz


    • Renal Diet Plan: Update on Kidney Diet plan with Keto and Fasting August 2019

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      Episode 52: Renal Diet Plan: Update on Kidney Diet plan with Keto and Fasting August 2019. I’m often asked, how is my kidney diet plan going and what am I doing for my renal diet? What renal diet foods am I eating, what does a typical meal look like with Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD)? Here is my Kidney Diet plan update for August 2019.

      One thing which is certainly true about fighting and beating CKD is that everything changes. The renal diet plan I had at Stage 5 was much stricter than the plan I had in Stage 4, and even then my plan changed as I got close to Stage 3.

      With each set of lab results, I used my bloodwork to re-optimize my renal diet and make changes. All of this was done working with my doctors – I needed their experience and knowledge to plan the next steps in my treatment strategy.

      So where am I with my renal diet plan in August 2019?
      Many months ago I switched to a Ketogenic diet, modified to not aggravate my kidneys and cause inflammation. This required keeping a close eye on Potassium. Keto diets typically use Avocado for their healthy fat and Tomatoes. These are both high in Potassium, so I needed to limit them.

      A quick note on potassium – too much is very bad at Stage 4 and 5, but with a higher GFR, potassium can actually be protective of your kidneys. With each new GFR I asked my doctors for an update to my daily minimum and maximums for Potassium, Phosphorus, Sodium, Protein, Carbs, Calcium, and Calories. These levels will adjust as your GFR changes – if your doctor isn’t adjusting them, ask them WHY to help remind them they should be adjusting them.

      After the first 45 days of a Keto diet I got my labs. Nearly everything moved into range nicely – including my Red Blood Cell Count and Hemoglobin’s – I was now no longer suffering from any anemia. This gave me a boost in energy and made me feel 20 years younger.

      Not all was rainbow and unicorns. My Creatinine and BUN went up slightly. But I didn’t panic, it was very slightly, and my doctor warned me that might happen. Overall I was healthier though – my labs looked really good. The Keto diet plan I was on had a lot more animal-protein than I was eating and that was the cause of the increase in Creatinine and BUN.

      We modified my diet again and I’m now eating very little animal protein. I am nearly vegetarian and I mainly eat animal protein as Tuna or grilled chicken with mixed veggies.

      The majority of my meals are now stir fry in a cast iron wok. I’ll throw in some Ghee for healthy fat, and flavor, mix in carrots, broccoli, snow peas, cauliflower, a little kale and spinach, and other veggies and cook them up. I’ll make up my own sauce with vinegar, pineapple juice, low sodium soy sauce, ginger and other ingredients. For protein I may add an egg or two just before I’m done cooking the veggies.

      I’m also eating a lot of salads and adding homemade tuna salad to them. I hate fish, so I make my tuna salad with vegan mayo, sliced celery & onions, little mustard, and lemon juice. I’ll even make a tuna sandwich using Low Carb high fiber wraps.

      How to improve Kidney Health, Beat CKD, and Avoid Dialysis Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_e_ga9FGTY8&list=PLzny3C6CQW39TqgFoS_xajnN3t9fOOJJd

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      IMPORTANT: I AM NOT A DOCTOR. Patients should always be under the care of a physician and defer to their physician for any and all treatment decisions. This video is not meant to replace a physician’s advice, supervision, and counsel. No information in the video should be construed as medical advice. All medical decisions should be made by the patient and a qualified physician. This video is for informational purposes only and DOES NOT CONSTITUTE THE PROVIDING OF MEDICAL ADVICE.

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    • Full Women's Keto Meal Plan – What You Should Eat in a Day

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      My Website: http://ThomasDeLauer.com

      Differences between Keto for Women vs Men: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xrsbz-LowPc&t=2s

      Complete Guide to Keto:

      5 Biggest Causes of Belly Fat for Women: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LDaFmlLHIjo

      Vital Fasting Tips for Females:

      Complete Guide to Fasting:

      What Women Should Eat in a Day on Keto – Thomas DeLauer

      Low carb and keto can be slightly different for women. Not a whole lot different, but different enough that it warrants its own video with its own meal plan. So what I’ve done in this video is I’ve broken down the scientific data, and from that I’ve compiled what I would say is a very ideal female keto plan. So I’ve taken the scientific data plus things that my wife does with her diet, and I’ve put them all together and said, “Okay, this will be a great video to explain what the female ketogenic diet should look like.” Now, this is not everything, right? There’s a lot of information, and I put so much content out, so much in my videos, that you could see eventually things are going to cross and conflict. But I figured this is a great place for people to start if you don’t know where to start or if you just want some good entertainment to share with your friends and family that are learning about keto.

      So the women keto plan. So here’s what you’re going to do. First, I want you to start your day with apple cider vinegar and lemon water. Okay? You can put a little stevia in if you need to. What this is going to do is this upregulates something known as AMPK, okay. AMP protein kinase. Okay. What this does is this signals the body to start pulling energy from its stored tissues and then it downregulates this in the brain. So what that means is that it tells the brain that you’re full, but it tells the body that you’re hungry. So the body starts to pull tissue like fat for energy. So it’s a great way to start the day, whether you’re keto or not, to be completely honest.

      Okay, so meal number one, we’re keeping the fats the highest in the morning. This seems weird because it seems like it’d be hard to digest, but there’s a study that was published in BMC Genomics that actually found, believe it or not, that we have less likelihood of storing fat in the morning than in the evening, which means we can get away with consuming more fat in the morning. Therefore we generate more ketones and have more energy. And it’s all because the fuel accumulation genes, basically what allows us to accumulate fuel as fat, are working in our favor in this case. So here’s what I recommend. One whole cage-free pasture raised egg plus two yolks. And I talk about this for men too. Very, very important.

      Now, I don’t want you to munch on a single thing for three hours, okay? Three hours later you can have a little snack, but here’s what it is, all about thyroid support with this snack. This is a thyroid power punch meal, okay? We’re talking a little bit of seaweed snacks. If you can handle them, you don’t have to have them. Seaweed snacks, I think are delicious, and just a few Brazil nuts, seaweed snacks [inaudible 00:04:47] iodine.

      Then at least a couple hours later. So this is at say maybe 7:00 AM-ish, 8:00 AM-ish, and then you’re having this around 10:00 or 11:00 and then here maybe have like 1:00 o’clock, something like that. Within that ballpark. This is your lunch option. Okay. And I gave you two options here and I’ll explain why. Okay. First off, we have grass-fed grass-finished meat. Okay, go for a good quality red meat that’s grass-fed, grass-finished, and do a burger. If you have to go to a restaurant, ask them if it’s grass-fed, grass-finished. It’s probably not, but one or two times isn’t going to kill you. Okay? So normally you want to have good quality stuff at home.

      Now let’s move into dinner. Now I know you’re going to see fish here and some of you might be thinking, “I don’t like fish,” okay? I have some alternatives for you. It’s okay, but this is ideal. Lean fish. We’re talking like a Pacific Cod or we’re talking like even a halibut would be perfect. A lean fish. And then either that or a shellfish. I prefer scallops, okay. Or mussels. The nice thing about scallops and mussels, high levels of zinc, talking about the thyroid again to you ladies.

      So as always, please keep it locked in on my channel. Hit that subscribe button and I’ll see you in the next video.

    • Ketogenic Diet for Brain Tumor Patients

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      Ketogenic Diet for Brain Tumor Patients
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    • KETO AIR FRYER RECIPES | How to make wings in the air fryer | Air Fryer Keto CornDogs

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      The air fryer is quickly becoming my favorite kitchen appliance. It cooks things quickly and clean up is super easy. In this video, I share with you two of my favorite keto recipes to cook in the air fryer. Keto Corn Dogs and Wings!!! These keto dinner ideas will quickly be on your meal rotation or they might even convince you to buy an air fryer. 🙂

      The first keto recipe I share is how to make wings in the air fryer. These wings are crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside. The best part is they take minimal prep and clean up is very easy. Keto wings are perfect to serve as an appetizer or keto dinner.

      The second recipe is for Keto Corn Dogs in the air fryer. I uploaded a video over the Summer showing you how to make Keto Corn Dogs. This is the same recipe, we just cook them in the air fryer instead of frying the corn dogs in oil. If you want to watch the original video, click here: https://youtu.be/Uyp-UjP0PHg

      Check out my first keto airfryer recipe video here! https://youtu.be/P8vZyccfC7g These are bunch of keto breakfast recipes that you can cook in your air fryer.

      My Favorite Air Fryer: https://amzn.to/31PNQyd

      I get my almond flour from Thrive Market. Click here to get 25% off your first order! http://thrv.me/z4pLT5

      I’ll will be coming out with MORE KETO DIET RECIPES & KETO AIR FRYER RECIPES videos soon, so make sure you subscribe so you don’t miss it! https://bit.ly/2TLJlRB

      Recipe for Keto Chicken Wings can be found here: https://www.ketofocus.com/recipes/keto-air-fryer-wings/

      (Serves 4)

      20 wings (~ 2 lbs)
      3-4 T olive oil
      4 teaspoons chili powder
      2 teaspoons garlic powder
      1 teaspoon salt
      Couple dashes of black pepper.

      Combine the seasonings.
      Place the wings in the ziplock bag. Add olive oil and seasoning. Shake the bag until evenly coated.
      Place all the wings in the air fryer basket. Cook at 380 for 25-30 minutes. Toss the wings every 5 minutes.

      MACROS (for 5 wings)
      Calories: 456
      Fat: 35.5g
      Net Carbs: 1.3g
      Protein: 35g


      8 hot dogs
      1 batch of fat head dough (Click here for the recipe: https://youtu.be/O7LSVf7sJKg )

      Prepare the corn dogs according to the video.
      Lay down a sheet of parchment paper in the air fryer to keep the dough from melting down.
      Cook the corndogs at 360 for 10 minutes (5 minutes each side)

      Calories: 315
      Fat: 26.2g
      Net Carbs: 4.3g
      Protein: 15.7g


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